Root Canals Services at 4th Floor Dental

What is a Root Canal?

Root Canal:

Definition: A surgical procedure that removes all or part of a diseased pulp (nerve) from within a tooth so that bacteria cannot spread.

The first step in root canal treatment is to locate the affected tooth. Once found, the dentist will make an incision around the tooth and remove any infected tissue. The dentist will then drill into the tooth to create a space for irrigating solution to enter. Next, a needle-like instrument is used to remove any inflamed tissue on the inside of the tooth. Finally, an obturator is inserted into the space created by drilling and used to remove any remaining inflamed tissue inside the tooth. Most of the time this is all goes very well and isn’t that painful at all.

Can I Save Myself from a Root Canal Procedure?

If you are experiencing pain in your tooth or jaw many times, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics. This will often elevate the pain, which might make you tempted to skip the root canal procedure. However, this is not recommended. Root canal procedures can be painful, but there is very little pain in most cases since the tooth nerve is dead. Even if your pain has gone away with the help of antibiotics, it is best to go through with the procedure. This will help prevent future problems.

A root canal is needed when the decay of a tooth is so bad that it has affected the root of that tooth. This can often be prevented by regular dental checkups and visits to the dentist. Finding decay and filling in the cavities early is one way to avoid needing root canals. Be sure that you are doing proper oral care at home as well.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should call and schedule an appointment right away. We offer emergency dental services to help get you in and at least get the pain addressed. However, this will only get you comfortable, and many times you will need to return for a final dental procedure. Don’t live in pain. Call now.

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